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Sneddon & Co is a boutique Hunter Valley based design and brand strategy studio based in inner city Newcastle. We design logos and branding right through to all manner of print media, social media, digital marketing, websites, signage or wherever your brand needs to be seen. We have one purpose …. to make you look good … and let’s be honest, it isn’t that hard!

The company was founded in 1993 so there is a wealth of experience in all manner of design. Over the years we have collected key specialist creatives and printers to bring on side as the ‘Co’ part of Sneddon & Co depending on what your design may need, such as illustrators, painters, photographers, web builders, software writers and copy writers. There is never any hard sell but be prepared that we may take you out of your comfort zone with ideas and options, in the best interests of your brand.

So a little bit about us, the designers. We drink good wine, we’re foodies, we love meeting new people, we love pops of colour (mostly aqua) and we love discovering what makes your brand tick!



MANAGER/Designer (sometimes)

I am inspired by my daughter. (ok she might have written that…)
Favourite colour to design with is aqua
My favourite font is Scala Sans.
Death row meal Vietnamese Chicken Salad and dessert would be The Umbrian ricotta cheesecake.
Favourite place in the world is cliffs on the Amalfi coast, where we would dive off the rocks with the outgoing wave into the Mediterranean Sea.
My coffee order is a small double shot flat white from The Umbrian!
My dream client is someone that doesn’t think they are better than the graphic designers
Ten years ago I… was being a HSC mum worrying about Anna.
My dream alternative career is artist
When I retire I will go back to lino printing and making things, in between playing with my three grandsons.



I am inspired by Pinterest, I would happily spend hours scrolling!
Favourite colour to design with in true millenial style, I love Millenial Pink (a soft baby pink)
My favourite font is Scotch Roman, I love something a little fancy and a little traditional.
Death row meal a big fat dirty burger, preferably a Rascal Marty Mcfly, with a side of gems. But definitely don’t forget the side of rascal sauce because the world needs more condiments!
Favourite place in the world is my balcony, with a beer, a book and my dog Sonny. Wow I sound really lame, but trust me it’s a really good balcony!
My coffee order is an oat piccolo on my way to work from Baba Yaga.
My dream client is someone that loves colour!
Ten years ago I… was just about to start my HSC, wow…
My dream alternative career is most definitely book editor or reviewer!
When I retire I will sit on a beach reading with my dog Sonny.


we hope you like them!


The Umbrian - Zucchini on the run Piadina

Simple ingredients but done well… that should be the motto of the Umbrian
café. With a thin, crispy, golden dough filled with zucchini, eggs, cheese
and definitely don’t leave off the brush of homemade chilli oil! Yum… I am
salivating just thinking of this. Definitely grab yourself a coffee (ultra-pickycoffee-
drinker-slash-director Sally Sneddon deems this the best coffee in
Newcastle!!). This experience isn’t finished until you have the heaven-on-earth
ricotta cheesecake…I mean seriously…there aren’t enough delightful words in the
english dictionary to describe this fluffy cloud of happiness!


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